Rollout of ANCOLD Guidelines in Digital Format

by Michel Raymond

Michel Raymond



ANCOLD are pleased to announce the upcoming service rollout of secure access to ANCOLD Guidelines in digital format. The digital editions  are reformatted into single column format to improve ease of on-screen reading.

Some of the finer details are still being confirmed but at this stage the rollout will be complete by mid December 2023. Here is an overview of how access will work for each membership type and non-members.

Access will be via an annual (12-months from the time of purchase) subscription to the full suite of ANCOLD Guidelines.

Associate and Retired Associate Members will be able to purchase an annual individual subscription for $90AUD.

Organisational Members will be able to purchase an annual organisational subscription at a chosen user tier. The voting representative will control which employees are granted access, limited to the subscription level they’ve chosen.


Annual subscription price ($AUD)











Sustaining Members will have access to an annual organisational subscription of 50+ users as part of their membership benefits.

Honorary Members will have access to an annual individual subscription as part of their membership. 

Non-members will be able to purchase annual individual access for $160AUD.

ANCOLD Guidelines in digital format will be protected by digital rights management (DRM). DRM is the process of protecting digital assets to be securely distributed online. DRM software encrypts digital content and employs a series of settings and controls to control who has access to it.

Via this platform ANCOLD have access to these DRM settings: 

  • Device limits or open limits
  • Account limits or library limits
  • Expiry controls
  • Dynamic watermark controls
  • Printing and copy controls
  • Screen sharing/print controls
  • Offline access controls
  • IP address controls


Users will not be able to take screen copy of the guideline content.  ANCOLD acknowledges that some users require reproducing content for technical reports.  To assist this need ANCOLD will seek user feedback on common requirements that users need to copy from the guidelines with a view to making commonly used tables and graphs available for separate download in the future.

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