Managing your ANCOLD Membership

The dropdown menu under your name gives you access to your dashboard where you can manage your membership and access downloaded ANCOLD resources (papers/bulletins & seminars on demand as part of all membership types). If subscribed, you’ll also find the links to access digital guidelines here. 

From your account dashboard you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses, and edit your password and account details.

Please take some time to ensure your ‘Account details’ and ‘Addresses’ are correct and up-to-date.

Employees of ANCOLD Member Organisations can utilise the benefits of membership directly. Contact your organisation’s Voting Representative to request an invitation. A list of Member Organisations and their respective voting reps can be found here (click on the logo to see the voting rep).

Voting representatives are automatically allocated Manager level administration rights to their organisation’s Team. They can also grant this access level to other employees, for existing Team members you can just toggle between Set as Manager and Set as Member to change the access level.

Voting Representatives – adding a new Team Member or Manager, Click ‘Team’ on your dashboard, this is where you control and manage directly the employees you wish to have access to membership benefits.

In ‘Team’, click ‘Add Member’. There are two methods of adding employees. 

1/ You can send employees the ‘Registration Link’ that appears in your dashboard (see example below), for them to add themselves.


2/ Managers can add employees to the Team by entering their email address directly (see below under ‘Add Member’).

Via the invitation employees can create individual accounts, providing them with personalised access to ANCOLD resources and benefits and will stay in the loop with ANCOLD updates, industry news, and exclusive communications delivered directly to individual accounts.

Active Account Management:

It’s crucial to maintain the accuracy of your Team members. To facilitate this:

Use Work Email Addresses: For optimal account management, encourage employees to use their work email addresses during the account creation process.

Review: Actively review your Team members periodically to remove individuals who are no longer associated with your organization.

Below is a draft letter you could use to invite employees to the Team.


Subject: Unlock Exclusive ANCOLD Membership Benefits – Your Personal Invitation!

Dear [Employee’s Name],

As a valued member of [Your Organisation], we’re excited to inform you that you can now directly access the many benefits offered by ANCOLD, courtesy of our organisational membership.

ANCOLD Membership Benefits: Explore the extensive benefits awaiting you by visiting the ANCOLD Membership Benefits page.

To seamlessly unlock these perks, we invite you to create your personal ANCOLD account linked directly to our organisational membership.

Account Registration Link: To get started, kindly follow the registration link provided below and enter your details using your work email address:

[Insert Registration Link Copied from your organisation’s account dashboard]

Important Note: In my role as the voting representative, I’ll have visibility of the accounts created. We kindly request that you use this link exclusively for employees of [Your Organization].

We believe that your access to ANCOLD will not only be beneficial for your personal development within the dams industry but will also enrich your professional journey.

Take the First Step: Create Your ANCOLD Account Now!

Thank you for being an integral part of [Your Organisation], and we look forward to seeing you enjoy the valuable resources and insights ANCOLD has to offer.

Best Regards,

[Your Name] Voting Representative, [Your Organisation]

With constantly changing workforces it can be difficult to maintain a current contact list of your employees, which with your ANCOLD membership, correlates directly to the Team members you have listed in your portal on the ANCOLD website.

It’s important that your Team remains current to ensure your employees have access to ANCOLD member benefits as listed here. This is also invaluable to have in place for digital guideline subscriptions.

Maintaining accurate contact lists also ensures that members receive relevant state based and interest group communications including the Young Professionals Group & Tailings Interest Group.

To assist with this process and recognising that voting reps often have competing commitments, ANCOLD encourages organisational voting reps to assign another dedicated Team manager. It would be advantageous to consider an active Young Professional employee for this role where possible. Encouraging Young Professionals participation at any opportunity is an important part of ANCOLD’s strategic initiatives.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the secretariat if you have any queries or need assistance around this via [email protected]

Members can become part of our interest groups, the Young Professionals or Tailings Interest groups.  You can manage this from your account dashboard in ‘My Profile’. You can easily opt in and out of these groups, remembering that the Young Professionals group is targeted at those who are 35 years of age or younger.

With all email platforms there is a chance that some organisations IT systems will reject certain types of emails, i.e., those seen as marketing emails, or maybe with an image, or a certain number of links. It will be different for every mail server.

The platform we have chosen to use has a deliverability service on those emails, so they have the best chance of being delivered but some of you may still experience issues.

Troubleshooting for this issue.

  1. Check if going to your junk/spam folder and if ANCOLD emails are going there add to your safe senders list.
  2. Ask your IT department why the emails might be getting rejected. Or ask them to whitelist your email addresses and headers.
  3. Try updating your email address to a private email, or other email that may have a better chance of accepting the mail.