ANCOLD Technical Working Groups

ANCOLD members may participate in the work of a variety of ANCOLD technical working groups.  Technical working groups prepare reports and papers for publication by ANCOLD.  They also assist ICOLD technical committees in preparing ICOLD Bulletins. Technical working group activities are summarised in the document below.  Contact the convenor listed for more information about their work.

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Working Group Convenors can be contacted via the secretariat.


Below is a listing of the ANCOLD Working Groups respective convenors.

Guideline Convenor
Arch Dams Marius Jonker
Consequence Categories for Dams (2012) David Ryan
Dam break modelling and Consequence Assessment David Stephens
Dam Instrumentation & Monitoring Systems (1983) Cassandra Turner
Dam Safety Management (2003) David Stewart
Dam Safety Emergency Plans and Emergency Management Angus Paton
Design Criteria for Concrete Gravity Dams (2013) David Ryan
Guidelines for Design of Dams and Appurtenant Structures for Earthquake (July 2019) Steven O’Brien
Design, Construction, O&M of Retarding Basins Richard Rodd
Guidelines For Geotechnical Investigations of Dams, Their Foundations And Appurtenant Structures (May 2020) Robin Fell
Outlet Works for dams Marius Jonker
Risk Assessment (2003) Mark Foster
Selection of Acceptable Flood Capacity (2000) Peter Hill
Strengthening and Raising Concrete Gravity Dams (1992) Richard Rodd
Guidelines on Tailings Dams – Planning, Design, Construction, Operation and Closure – REVISION 1 (July 2019) Brett Stephens
Environmental Management of Dams (2001) Vacant
Regulation and Practice for the Environmental Management of Dams in Australia (2014) Vacant

The link below will take you to the 2023 ANCOLD Working Group Report Updates

(extracted from the 2022/23 ANCOLD Annual Report).

ANCOLD Guideline Working Group Reports 2022-23