Seqwater welcomed to ANCOLD Sustaining Membership

by Angus Swindon

Angus Swindon


We are thrilled to announce that Seqwater has become a Sustaining Member of ANCOLD, further strengthening the association’s mission and objectives.

Sustaining Membership is a prestigious level of support that provides longstanding members with the opportunity to contribute to ANCOLD at a level that aligns with their commitment to our cause. It allows us to recognise and appreciate their ongoing support throughout the year while fostering improved communication between ANCOLD and our key supporters.

Seqwater, a leading organisation in water management, has been an integral part of our community. They deliver a safe, secure, and reliable water supply to South East Queensland, manage catchment health, provide essential flood mitigation services, and offer recreational facilities enjoyed by millions annually. With ownership and operation of numerous dams, weirs, and borefields across the region, Seqwater plays a vital role in sustaining our environment and communities.

We extend a warm welcome to Seqwater’s Voting Representative, Kevin Bartlett, and express our gratitude for their commitment to ANCOLD’s objectives.

Please join us in welcoming Seqwater as a Sustaining Member of ANCOLD, and we look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration.

Seqwater join our seven existing Sustaining Members.

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