QLD – Recreation Review at Seqwater Dams

Author: Michel Raymond.

Seqwater provides a secure and reliable water supply to almost 3 million people across South East Queensland and manages ‘open’ catchments, allowing the community to enjoy lakes and catchment land for recreation, while ensuring quality bulk drinking water supply. Up to 2 million people a year visit Seqwater recreation facilities for anything from picnics, camping and fishing, to weddings and sporting events. Seqwater recognises the importance of recreation to the community and encourages the responsible enjoyment of our natural areas. Recreation on Seqwater lakes and land must be managed in a sustainable manner to ensure that there are no adverse impacts on water supply.

Seqwater is currently undertaking a Recreation Review to explore the recreational opportunities in and around its lakes to deliver a suit of management plans. The review will cover 23 Seqwater dams grouped into 10 different areas. The recreation review process will be rolled out over the next year and will provide many opportunities for the public to get involved. The objective of the review is to listen and learn about the recreational opportunities community members would like to see in and around the lakes. Community members can have their say by completing online surveys and attending information sessions and workshops in their community. The results from the review will be used to develop a Recreation Management Plan for each lake, which will guide future changes and activities in these respective areas. For further information, visit www.yourseqwater.com.au.

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