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Best Practices in Dam and Levee Safety Risk Analysis

6 days: Virtual–  July 10 – 12 2024 In Person– July 16-18, 2024

The course is a comprehensive review of dam and levee safety risk analysis.

The training includes instruction to enable participants to:

  • Create potential failure mode descriptions and event trees, and use them to develop risk estimates.
  • Describe the hazards that affect dams and levees and apply them to risk analysis.
  • Identify relevant case histories and foundational research studies.
  • Apply principles of theory of probability and statistics to quantify, combine and portray risk estimates.
  • Identify essential elements of life loss consequence estimates.
  • Build the case for risk estimates.
  • Explain governance and risk guidelines.
  • Become familiar with other disciplines and their input to risk estimates.

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USSD is excited to welcome more than 800 dam and levee professionals to the scenic city of Seattle, WA for multiple days of knowledge exchange, networking, and fun.

USSD staff is happy to answer any questions about the conference! 

[email protected] 

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