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Don’t miss the chance to learn about tailings from seven esteemed experts in a flexible community-based environment. The next AusIMM Tailings Management Professional Certificate commences 25th September 2024.

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Explore inspiring real-world tailings case studies from Australia, Chile, and South Africa, where innovative approaches have been taken to rehabilitate and repurpose tailings sites. Learn how these projects turned environmental challenges into opportunities for renewable energy production, wildlife habitat restoration, and community engagement.


Search for ‘turning tailings’ in the free resources hub here. This case study guide was developed in consultation with Professor David Williams, facilitator of the AusIMM Tailings Management Professional Certificate.

Expand your expertise in tailings management with AusIMM’s Tailings Management Professional Certificate. This 8-week online course delves into geotechnical, geochemical, governance, closure, and socio-economic aspects of tailings management.

Learn from renowned experts, engage in interactive sessions, gain 40 PD hours and earn a digital badge to showcase your knowledge and skills, accelerating your career in the mining industry.

Esteemed tailings management experts facilitating the course include David Williams, Professor and Director of Geotechnical Engineering Centre at The University of Queensland; Manager, Large Open Pit Project; Deanna Kemp, Director, Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM), Sustainable Minerals Institute, University of Queensland and Peter Chapman, Principal Tailings Engineer, WSP.

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Renowned tailings expert, Professor David Williams, discusses designing for the probable maximum flood, preparing for earthquakes, separating containment from storage, and the lifespan of a tailings dam in this video interview. Learn what the future holds for new mine sites. David is also one of seven experts facilitating the AusIMM Tailings Management Professional Certificate, helping participants expand their knowledge on the geotechnical, geochemical, governance, closure and socio-economic considerations of tailings management.

This free checklist, Key Aspects of Tailings Facility Stability & Erosion Control, serves as a practical guide for managing and maintaining secure tailings storage facilities. Based on material from the AusIMM Tailings Management Professional Certificate. Access the free checklist here & search for ‘erosion control’.

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