Dambreak & Consequences (September 2013) – MODULE 1 – Welcome & Closure

Dambreak & Consequences (September 2013) – MODULE 1

Welcome & Closure

An understanding of the consequences of dam failure is essential in dam safety emergency planning and as an input to risk assessment. In recent years there has been significant advances in hydraulic modelling and access to high quality elevation data which has revolutionised dambreak modelling. The advent of risk based approaches has increased the focus on estimating the consequence of dam failure and particularly the potential loss of life.  The method developed by the USBR in 1999 has had widespread application in Australia and in recent years a number of more sophisticated simulation approaches have been developed. This session will cover the latest developments in dambreak modelling and the estimation of potential loss of life from dam failure.

This course is designed to present the state of practice on these matters for dam safety risk management. The 2 days are designed for both experienced and less experienced dam owners, regulators and consultants.

Includes access to the following videos:

  • Welcome and Introductions – Robert James 10:35
  • Summary and Close of Workshop – Robert James 10:25
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