Dam Types, Foundation & Construction (November 2014) – MODULE 1- Welcome & Close

Dam Types, Foundation & Construction (November 2014) – MODULE 1 (Welcome & Close)


This short course is designed to provide sound basic understanding into dam types, foundations and construction, their key issues and considerations including investigations and design and addressing new and existing dams and associated upgrades.

It will begin with looking at all the various types of embankment and concrete dams, their issues and considerations as a lead into choosing or reviewing dam type and associated upgrade including risk assessment, historical performance and basic monitoring for dam safety.

Next foundations types and associated investigations, design and construction key aspects will be covered in view of the importance of this component for both new and existing dams.

To round off basic dam understanding the final sessions will concentrate on preliminary and common construction considerations and in particular construction of embankment and concrete dam walls.

Includes access to the following videos:

  • Welcome & Introductions – David Watson 7:51
  • Discussion & Close of Day – David Watson 3:46
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