Dam Safety Emergency Planning (June 2014) – MODULE 1 – Welcome & Closure

Dam Safety Emergency Planning (June 2014) – MODULE 1 (Welcome & Closure)

This short course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of dam safety emergency planning including developing, using, exercising and reviewing dam safety emergency plans.

It will begin by briefly reaffirming why dam safety emergency plans are needed and then provide a high level overview of legislative requirements for each State.

Critical elements of dam safety emergency planning and plans will be presented in detail. This will be followed by guidance on how to develop and document dam safety emergency plans.
The seminar also includes modules on training operators and emergency responders in the use of dam safety emergency plans and exercising them so that everyone is confident that the plan will work in a genuine emergency.

The presenters will use examples from their experience to illustrate all aspects of dam safety emergency planning and there will be opportunities for delegates to ask questions and share their experiences throughout the day.

Includes access to the following videos:

  • Course Welcome and Opening – Angus Paton 3:40
  • Concluding Remarks, Discussion and Close of Day – Angus Paton 9:40
  • Tokwe-Mukoshi Dam Wall Slippage on Sunday 9 February 2014 (YouTube) 00:54
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