Dam Outlets (May 2015) – MODULE 1 – Welcome & Closure

Dam Outlets (May 2015) – MODULE 1

Welcome & Closure

This short course is designed so that engineers and other dam professionals both young and more experienced will better understand the essential ingredients of investigation, design, operation, maintenance and safety for spillways and outlets for new and existing dams and associated upgrades.

While ensuring the basics are properly understood, there will be a strong focus on what is the approaches, issues and risks associated modern dam spillways & outlets requirements – what you need to know, whether a dam owner/manager/operator, consultant, regulator or a professional with a strong interest in dams.

Dam Outlets will look at the other key passage of water passed a dam – outlets. Like spillways it will cover both broad criteria for sound outlets (including intakes) and the specific criteria on the various purposes and types of outlets and in some cases combined with spillways or power generation.  Experience of the presenters and case studies will provide a key input into the issues, risks, environmental aspects (such as thermal and fish passage) and overall safety and best practice design and management of outlets. Importantly the presentation will provide an essential insight into the new ANCOLD guideline on outlets currently being prepared.

Includes access to the following videos:

  • Welcome & Introductions – David Watson 3:00
  • Seminar Closure  – David Watson 6:00


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