2022 – Application of Non-Contact Hydrometric Gauging and R Programming to Flood Warning System Design – Arnold Dam

Thomas Jamieson-Lucy – Riley Consultants
Manawa Energy Limited

Dam construction projects including refurbishments often necessitate work to be undertaken within an active river channel which requires an understanding of the timing and magnitude of potential floods. The Arnold Dam Strengthening Project will require work to be undertaken within the river channel downstream of the Arnold Dam, which is effectively a run of river scheme. A flood warning system was designed so that the in-river working area can be safely evacuated prior to flood flows arriving at the dam. The work completed demonstrates how field collection of hydrologic data, statistical analysis of hydrologic data, and hydrologic modelling can be integrated to design a flood warning system. Time saving hydrologic practices were applied to the project to reduce time spent in the field and on analysis. This reduced the cost associated with developing the system without compromising the quality of the design. These practices included non-contact hydrometric gauging procedures to derive rating curves for catchment flow monitoring and the use of R programming for hydrologic data analysis, analysis of hydrologic model outputs, and the communication of findings through data visualisation in R.

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