2021 – Emergency Preparedness for Tailings Dams

Olle Wennstrom, Andrew White

Over the last few years tailings dams have come under increased scrutiny, partly due to two highly publicised TSF failures in South America, but also because of several other incidents in Australia and elsewhere in the world. As investors came under pressure to positively impact the projects they financed, the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM) was released in August 2020.

Topic 5 of GISTM, “Emergency response and long-term recovery”, comprises Principle 13: “Prepare for emergency response to tailings facility failures” and Principle 14: “Prepare for long-term recovery in the event of catastrophic failure”. The topic further introduces the term “Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan” (EPRP).

This paper explains what the term “Emergency Preparedness” means and how the owner/operator of a mine can achieve it. The paper also delivers a concept for long-term recovery planning.

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