2019 – Vertical Gate Design: Considerations for resilience

Dean Hassall, Kristen Koo, Simon Sam

Vertical gates and their operating plant are an essential part of dam safety at many dam sites. Apportioning appropriate levels of resilience during the design phase requires a thorough understanding of a gate system as a whole, not only of a single component in isolation.

This paper offers a designer’s perspective on modern engineering design features, materials and practices which can improve gate resilience during onerous operating conditions. This is of particular relevance to gates that are seldom used. Design aspects relating to the capability and limitations of the gate, hoist type, power supply arrangement and control system equipment to work together as a complete system are paramount design considerations in ensuring overall system resilience.

A discussion of the role and duty a hydraulic gate has in a dam safety context is presented. Supporting commentary is offered on appropriate levels of reliability, redundancy and diversity, including a comparison of different gate, bearing and hoist types. The authors draw on their own experience regarding gate design, fabrication and operation from completed and ongoing projects both locally and internationally.

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