2019 – Performance and Management of the Cromwell Gorge Landslides, Clyde Dam Reservoir

Don Macfarlane and Peter Silvester

Prior to filling the Clyde Dam reservoir in 1992-93 large scale stabilisation works were undertaken on several pre-existing landslides along the reservoir margins. Monitoring and visual observations indicate that the landslides are behaving satisfactorily and have confirmed that the stability improvements undertaken have successfully offset the negative effects of the reservoir on the landslides.

This paper presents selected records detailing more than 25 years of landslide behaviour that demonstrate the effectiveness of the stabilisation works. Monitoring has been able to detect increasing water levels, drainage flow changes and, in some cases, deformation following periods of high rainfall.

However, the highly satisfactory performance of the landslides experienced to date does not allow complacency and although the surveillance monitoring has been progressively scaled back to a more focussed strategy, ongoing assessment and reviews will be required. The paper also briefly discusses the current challenges associated with changing personnel and aging instrumentation.

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