2018 – Exploring the Potential of Advanced Instrumentation in Physical Hydraulic Modelling for Spillway Design

Ben Modra, Stefan Felder, Laura Montano, Mathieu Deiber, Chad Martin, Craig Wiltshire, Michel Raymond, Barton Maher

Physical modelling of dam structures remains a preferred method for validating and improving dam designs. Flow behaviour in the approach and over the crest of a dam can be accurately studied with traditional methods such as pressure transducers, piezometers and current meters due to the relatively smooth and steady flow conditions. However, characterising flows within a stilling basin is far more difficult due to the complex, aerated and highly turbulent flow conditions. Recent work on detailed measurement of hydraulic jumps using a line-scanning Lidar was adapted for measurement of stilling basin surface profiles in a 1:50 scale model of Somerset Dam, QLD. Lidar was shown to be an effective and efficient tool for providing assessment of the toe jump, boil and flow into the downstream channel.

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