2018 – Comparison of Pore Pressures Obtained from Saturated and Unsaturated Finite Element Analyses with Monitoring Data

Meysam Safavian, GHD

This paper will explore the differences in pore pressures resulting from saturated and unsaturated seepage (pore pressure) analysis. It will also evaluate some conventional recommendations, such as the inclusion of essential components of the embankment dam and omission of inessential components. In addition, the identification of inessential components will be discussed.
Finally, pore pressures obtained from these analyses will be compared to monitoring data in order to identify the most appropriate seepage (pore pressure) model.
In conclusion, advantages and disadvantages of each method will be discussed and recommendations will be provided in order to gain the most appropriate results.
The results of this paper can be used for designing new embankment dams or safety reviews of existing dams, particularly when there is lack of reliable monitoring data.

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