2016 – Upcoming New National Seismic Hazard Assessment of Australia – Improvements & Novel ideas

Vicki-Ann Dimas

The National Seismic Hazard Assessment 2018 (NSHA 18) project intends to revise the existing seismic hazard map (AS1170.4 2007) for Australia. Geoscience Australia (GA) are leading the project along with a consortium of seismologists, geologists and earthquake engineers.
The NSHA 18, due to be released in 2018 is of great importance to dam owners and operators. The project intends to incorporate a comprehensive approach to seismic hazard, particularly in modelling uncertainty and variability.

The Global Earthquake Model (GEM) is an international consortium of scientists, engineers and policy makers. One of the primary aims of GEM is to provide a uniform set of tools for analysis in seismic hazard and risk. GEM was established to provide a framework for global standards in comparing risk analysis, awareness and actions in an effort to increase resilience to vulnerable communities.

The NSHA 18 will use the GEM framework in order to meet its own objectives for the new upcoming hazard map. The Seismology Research Centre will contribute to the NSHA 18 in three areas. Firstly, to produce a unified earthquake catalogue where GA will homogenise magnitudes to a uniform scale. Secondly, to produce a number of applicable alternate seismotectonic models, and thirdly, through the contribution of ground motion data collected over the last forty years within Australia.

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