2015 – Advancements made in the 3D modelling of unlined spillway chutes and applications of comprehensive scour model

Peyman Bozorgmehr, Sarah McComber, David Harrigan, Erik F R Bollaert

Boondooma Dam is a concrete-faced rockfill dam with an unlined, uncontrolled spillway chute. The Acceptable Flood Capacity of Boondooma Dam is 1:60,000 AEP (equal to the Dam Crest Flood (DCF) and has a maximum inflow of 14,330 m3/s.
Significant rainfall events during 2010/11 and 2013 subjected the spillway to moderate discharges over the crest which caused significant scour to the spillway chute.
Following these events, a 3D physical hydraulic model was constructed at a 1:80 scale to investigate repair options. Originally the spillway chute was modelled using a mobile bed set up which showed that that future scour could occur. However, the model could not determine the rate and characteristics of this damage.
In order to determine how future scour may occur, the 3D model was modified using laser survey mapping of the spillway chute after each flood event. Using milled aluminium and concrete capping the model was able to accurately portray the damage profile sustained by the spillway in the 2010/11 and 2013 flood events.
Transient pressure, static pressure, water elevation, velocity and jet measurements of the model were used in a Comprehensive Scour Model to help inform how damage to the chute may progress in future flood events.
Keywords: Boondooma Dam, flood damage, 3D physical hydraulic modelling, comprehensive scour assessment

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