2013 – Pukaki Canal Inlet Structure (Gate 18) – definition of safe limits of operation for a modified structure

M.G. Webby and N.D. Sutherland

Repairs to the floor slab of the outlet transition section of the Pukaki Canal Inlet Structure in November 2009 were likely to have adversely affected the hydraulic jump behaviour in the transition section of the structure and therefore necessitated revision of the safe operating limits for the structure. Three separate series of flow trials were carried out at different lake levels over a period of about a year to carefully observe the behaviour of the hydraulic jump under a variety of gate operating configurations and discharges. New safe limits of operation for the structure were defined for the structure using the flow observations from the flow trials and the framework of analytical models for different types of hydraulic jump. The revised limits of safe operation were successfully implemented in 2013.

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