2002 – Awoonga Alliance – Awoonga Dam Raising Stage 1

H. Morrison, J. Leckie, P. Richardson, R Paton

Awoonga Dam is a 40 metre high concrete faced rockfill dam on the Boyne River near Gladstone in Central Queensland. The dam supplies domestic and industrial water to the Gladstone region and the Callide Power Station. Stage 1 will increase FSL by 10 metres to EL 40, which increases storage capacity from 289,000 ML to 777,000 ML. To provide for future industrial growth in the region, the dam design facilitates future raising up to a nominated FSL of EL 62, in a number of stages.

The project consists of:

  • Raising the rockfill embankment by 11 metres
  • Providing upstream face protection
  • Raising the mass concrete spillway by 10 metres
  • Provision for future raising
  • New outlet for environmental releases
  • Relocation of the Boyne Valley Highway
  • Relocation of the Monto Rail Line
  • Relocation of 49 km of HV power line
  • Relocation of 3 km of telecommunications

Significant savings were realised by adopting the alliances project delivery method, resulting in completion 5 months ahead of program and more than 10% under budget.

This paper details development of the project under the alliance and outlines some of the lessons learnt.

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