2001 – Sustainable Rehabilitation of Gravity Dams Using Post-Tensioned Anchors

David Snape

Since the research and development work carried out by the (then) Metropolitan Water Sewerage and Drainage Board for the strengthening of Manly Dam in 1979/80, there has been over twenty years of continuous improvement in the application of advanced post-tensioned anchors for gravity dam rehabilitation.

Up until the Manly Dam remedial works, concerns had been increasing as to the long-term viability of available anchors. Sophisticated monitorable and restressable anchors, with superior corrosion protection afforded by greased and sheathed strands, were developed initially in test-bed conditions. This style of anchor has subsequently been used extensively throughout Australia on dam upgrades.

This paper compares the claims made by the designers with the demonstrated outcomes of installations that have been achieved, with particular emphasis on dams now owned by the Sydney Catchment Authority and Sydney Water Corporation. The original commitments to economy, aesthetics and rapidity of construction have been borne out by experience, with additional environmental advantages also being achieved. With the confidence built up from many successes in the strengthening of older dams, the time appears right to revisit the construction of new dams using the same style of post-tensioned anchors as the primary stabilising force.

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