2000 – Harvey Dam Environmental Management

Michael Somerford, Michelle Northover and Steve Wilke

Western Australia’s Water Corporation is constructing the Stirling-Harvey Redevelopment Scheme, a $275 million scheme to supplement Perth’s public supply. A major component of the scheme is the construction of the Harvey Dam, a 45 metre high, earth core rockfill dam.

The main environmental issues associated with the construction of the Harvey Dam are related to construction and traffic noise, blast vibration and dust generated during the construction period. Appropriate environmental management is required to minimise noise and dust emissions because of nearby schools, town site, residences and horticultural activities.

The new reservoir will commence filling in 2002. It will inundate several private properties, farming land, an area of pine plantation and six sites of cultural and heritage significance.

This paper discusses the management and monitoring strategies associated with the construction of the new dam. It also describes the initiatives that the Water Corporation has undertaken to ensure that adverse impacts of the project on the environment are minimised.

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