The ANCOLD Story 1937-1995


The Executive of the  Australian  National Committee on Large  Dams considers that the organisation  has  reached  the  stage where a review  of its origins  and development would  be of great value  and should be prepared while the relevant records and the recollections of early members are still available to us.

It therefore gives  me great pleasure  in being able to present this historical review which has been prepared  by two Past Chairmen of ANCOLD, Alan Wickham and Mike Fitzpatrick. They have been assisted considerably by two other former Chairmen, Gordon Colebatch and Milton Speedie,   both  of  whom  were associated with the  period of ANCOLD’s  formation and key development. Other members have assisted by  reviewing  the draft and providing supplementary information.

ANCOLD  is  grateful  to  the  authors and  all who assisted in the preparation of THE ANCOLD  STORY and I commend it to members as a valuable addition to their libraries and as a significant contribution  to Australia’s growing  reservoir of heritage material.



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