Safety Evaluation of Existing Dams Day 3 (March 2012) – MODULES 1-4 – Individual Modules

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Technical Seminar: Safety Evaluation of Existing Dams Day 3 – MODULE 1- 4

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This seminar emphasises the importance of periodic evaluation of the safety of existing dams, and provides specific information and guidance on the visual and instrumented monitoring of the various types of dams and their appurtenant structures.  Failure modes analysis is stressed as the basis for an effective and efficient monitoring program.  At the conclusion of the course, attendees will have a thorough understanding of the procedures and techniques essential to carrying out meaningful dam safety evaluations and monitoring, and should be able to apply these principles to improve their own effectiveness and the effectiveness of their dam safety programs.

Includes access to the following videos:

  • Operation and Maintenance Considerations -Chris Danley 25:08
  • Inspection of Spillways, Outlet Works, and Mechanical Equipment – Chris Danley 51:08
  • Failure Modes Analysis Exercise – Part I. – Gregg Scott 57:30
  • Failure Modes Analysis Exercise – Part II. – Gregg Scott 1:18:33
  • Evaluation of Facility Emergency Preparedness – Chris Danley 27:59
  • Emergency and Special Inspections – Jay Stateler 46:37
  • Responding to Dam Incidents – A Case History with Participant Interaction – Jay Stateler 54:14


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