Hydrometeorology and Hydrology (September 2013) – MODULES 1-5 – Full Course

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Hydrometeorology and Hydrology (September 2013) – MODULES 1 TO 5

Full Course   

Guidance for design flood estimation is provided in Australian Rainfall and Runoff. Since the last edition in 1987 there has been development and increasing application of stochastic simulation approaches for design flood estimation. There has been associated improved information and more sophisticated treatment of inputs such as design rainfalls, areal reduction factors, losses, baseflow and initial contents of reservoirs. A significant development has been the recent release of the new IFD estimates from the Bureau of Meteorology. The session will cover improved approaches to design flood estimation such as Mont-Carlo analysis and the characterisation of inputs.

Includes access to the following videos:

  • Introduction to Hydrometeorology and Hydrology – David Dole 17:00
  • Data – Rainfall and Streamflow – Janice Green 33:49
  • Flood Frequency Analysis – Rory Nathan 39:10
  • Rainfall-runoff Modelling – Peter Hill 27:47
  • Design Rainfalls – Janice Green 44:52
  • Simulation Framework – Rory Nathan 29:57
  • Design Flood Inputs – Peter Hill 40:33
  • Design Flood Inputs (cont.) – Peter Hill 21:30
  • Assessing Uncertainty – Rory Nathan 30:50
  • Consideration of Climate Change – Janice Green 24:34
  • Workshop Welcome – David Dole 6:13
  • Summary and Close of Day 1 10:32




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