2023 – Alternative Consequence Category Screening Methodology for Large Portfolios of Small Dams

Ryan Misola, Kapil Singh, Marius Jonker

Regulating bodies typically maintain a database of non-declared or de-declared dams, often comprising hundreds of small assets which are considered to have low to very low consequence categories. This database often has gaps in critical information or there is low confidence on the quality of existing information. This limits dam regulators and owners’ confidence about the declaration status, risks and compliance obligations associated with these dams.

A portfolio level consequence category screening methodology was developed for Dam Safety NSW (DSNSW). The method allowed for the rapid determination of a screening level consequence category for dams and aids in identifying assets that need further analysis due to their potential of being declared. A visual tool kit which grouped dams by consequence category was developed allowing sensitivity analysis of critical parameters. The screening method proved effective, with further recommendations identified to improve the method and reduce the sensitivity of key assumptions.

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