2023 – Optimisation of Hydro Generation on a Multi-function Reservoir and Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change

Dr J Spooner, K Sukhapure, T Beskeen, P Harvey

Mott MacDonald has recently undertaken a front-end engineering design (FEED) for a new multi-use storage reservoir with a total storage volume of >1500GL and a 200MW hydropower plant (HPP). This paper presents an overview of the reservoir simulation and energy modelling undertaken by Mott MacDonald to inform the scheme layout and operation during the design process considering the different functions of the reservoir, and to estimate the potential energy yield of the hydro scheme. The impacts of climate change were also assessed based on the latest IPCC CMIP6 GCMs. The energy modelling approach can be used to evaluate how existing schemes have performed historically and assess how multi- use reservoirs may be adapted in response to climate change.

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