2023 – Modelling Operational Challenges for Scrivener Dam During Construction

Tim Craig, David Wright, David Stephens

This paper seeks to understand frequent flooding events and assess the impact on construction works for various reservoir drawdown scenarios at Scrivener Dam. The assessment is based on usage of the RORB hydrological model and the paper presents the details and methodology for updating and calibrating a RORB model of Scrivener Dam including updating hydrological design inputs in accordance with ARR2019. The RORB model was verified against historical flood frequency curves at several streamflow gauges in the catchment. A sensitivity to drawdown lake level was then undertaken using the calibrated RORB model for the purposes of understanding the risk to construction timelines through exceeding outflow thresholds. It was found that adjusting reservoir starting level give predicable benefits to the rarity of flows that will affect construction timelines.

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