2023 – Graduate Succession Planning in the Dams Industry – A YP perspective

Sony Panicker

Graduate succession planning is essential to meet future engineering demands of the dams industry. The industry is facing many challenges, including the need to transfer knowledge from experienced employees to the next generation and the need to retain staff. There is a need for workable strategies and solutions to improve organisational and industry stability.

To facilitate succession planning in an organisation, the primary mode of staff training and development is centred on project-based learning, however several supplementary initiatives may be implemented to enhance the overall succession of graduates. Initiatives such as technical learning sessions, graduate skills mapping and quarterly check ins are discussed, using GHD’s South-East Queensland Dams Business Group as a Case Study. The scope of the paper is restricted to the presentation of case study examples of initiatives that may constitute a component of an overall graduate succession strategy.

For the development of supplementary initiatives, three main focus areas have been explored: Capability Mapping, Team Workshopping and Initiative Implementation. The paper outlines a Young Professional (YP) perspective on how succession planning has been approached in the team, templates that can adopted at any organisation and a list of initiatives where ideas can be generated.

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