2023 – Benefits of Flood Event Reporting for Gated Dams, Lessons from February 2022 at Somerset & Wivenhoe Dams

Edward Funnell, David Pokarier, David Stephens, Michel Raymond, Matthew McCahon

Somerset Dam and Wivenhoe Dam are located in the Brisbane River Basin. The Dams are dual-purpose: they provide water supply (including drinking water) to South East Queensland, as well as flood mitigation to areas below Wivenhoe Dam potentially affected by flood flows along the Brisbane River. Flood mitigation is achieved by operating Wivenhoe Dam in conjunction with Somerset Dam in accordance with the procedures of the Manual of Operational Procedures for Flood Mitigation. Following a flood event, Seqwater produces a flood event report that details flood event data (recorded rainfall and streamflow data), hydrological modelling, dam operations, communications as well post Flood Event analysis of the magnitude of the event and the operation of the dams. Flood Event Reports serve a number of purposes such as meeting the legislative requirements of the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 and providing an opportunity to critically evaluate the process and procedures implemented during the flood event and consider future improvements. This paper presents the framework for Flood Event reporting and provides recent relevant context using the February 2022 Flood Event report for Somerset and Wivenhoe Dams that
was prepared by HARC to illustrate the benefits of Flood Event reporting.

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