2022 – A structured approach to prioritisation of risk control measures across a portfolio of dams

Mark Pearse – Hydrology and Risk Consulting, Mark Foster – Dam Consulting Services, Peter Hill – Hydrology and Risk Consulting, Sam Banzi – WaterNSW, David Bowles RAC Engineers and Economists, Benson Liu – Hydrology and Risk Consulting, Muhammad Hameed – WaterNSW

WaterNSW has a portfolio of 41 dams and has undertaken a significant process to identify the control measures that may be judged to be reasonably practicable under the so far as reasonably practicable (SFAIRP) principle. For each dam there were typically several control measures and multiple risk control investigations identified to confirm which control measures are reasonably practicable. These control measures and associated investigations need to be prioritised as they cannot all be undertaken simultaneously. This paper presents a structured approach to prioritisation based on the principles of equity and efficiency and with due consideration of the requirements of the dams safety regulatory environment in NSW. The framework identified is applicable and readily modified to dam owners in other jurisdictions in Australia, New Zealand other countries with common law legal systems.

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