2021 – Don’t risk it to get the biscuit – Managing construction risk at Ewen

Zara Bostock, Helena Sutherland

Ewen Maddock Dam is located approximately 12.0 km west of Caloundra, in the Sunshine Coast area of Southern Queensland. The dam is a homogeneous earthfill embankment dam 10.5 m high and 724 m long. The dam was originally built between 1973 and 1976 and later upgraded in 1982 to raise the ogee spillway crest by 2.44 m to the current Full Supply Level (FSL) of 25.38 m AHD.

Seqwater is undertaking a staged upgrade of Ewen Maddock Dam to address deficiencies identified during the Acceptable Flood Capacity (AFC) Review (GHD, 2010). The consequence category assigned to Ewen Maddock Dam is ‘Extreme’ with a downstream Population at Risk greater than 1000.

Stage 1 construction was completed in 2012 to manage the seepage underneath the dam to reduce the risk of piping and improve embankment stability. Stage 2A involved retrofitting a filter in the existing embankment and raising the dam 1.61 m to 30.11 m AHD using a reinforced concrete parapet wall. Stage 2B involves spillway upgrade works and was split from 2A due to approval constraints.

Stage 2A construction was completed in April 2021, navigating various project and dam safety challenges. This paper presents some practical ways dam safety and risk was managed on the ground from the perspective of both the designer and owner.

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