2019 – The Role of a Review Board in Creating Resilient Design

Richard Davidson

Design Review Boards or Panels play an important role in supporting owners and designers in creating resilient design of water storage and tailings dams. Their essential roles are to constructively challenge the project team to deliver on the project objectives through a design which meets the 3R’s of resilience, robustness and reliability, and to provide assurance to potentially non-technical owner / project management. This can sometimes create an uncomfortable situation if one or more of the project team is not aligned with the agreed criteria. Time and cost pressures can often push a project or execution team to undertake insufficient analysis or to consider non-justifiable construction processes or shortcuts.

Regardless, the Review Board must remain steadfast in their advice and guidance with a strong focus on “data-supported decisions”. Finding and maintaining an effective board requires commitment at the highest levels. This paper will examine some of the challenges in addressing governance, membership and turnover, and conflict resolution.

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