2019 – Statistical Analysis of Potential Failure Modes Related to Embankment Dams in Vietnam

Ho Sy Tam, Nguyen Canh Thai, Pham Thi Hong Nga

Vietnam has many embankment dams to supply water to the agricultural sector. Most of these dams were built between 1970 and 2000 but have degraded significantly since their construction due to a number of different reasons. Identifying the main potential failure modes for these dams aims to improve their dam safety management systems as well as help to target dam safety rehabilitation works. The research was conducted by analysing 207 Dam Safety Reports and Feasibility Studies published by the Vietnamese Ministry for Agricultural and Rural Development between 2017 and 2019. The priority level of rehabilitation required to these dams was assessed by analysing whether overtopping, seepage and slope stability related potential failure modes were likely to occur. The results revealed the main potential failure modes of embankment dams in Vietnam and the possible reasons for these are discussed. The approaches to rehabilitate the dams that are outlined in the Feasibility Studies were also analysed and are discussed in general terms. The results provide valuable insight into commonly encountered dam safety issues with embankment dams in Vietnam.

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