2019 – North Pine Dam 3D Geological Modelling: Creating a Client Asset

Christopher Bennett, Helena Sutherland, Graham Irvine

The development of geological, engineering geological and geotechnical models is essential for all dams. These models provide the basis for understanding the engineering characteristics of foundation materials and geological structures that are critical to the safe design, construction and operation of the dam.

The use of digital three dimensional (3D) engineering geological modelling techniques is becoming more common for civil infrastructure projects. In addition to established design applications, 3D engineering geological models can be utilised by dam owners, operators and stakeholders for ongoing management of the dam.
The recent option studies at North Pine Dam in Brisbane, Australia, provides an example of collaboration between the owner (Seqwater) and the designer (GHD) to maximise the use of existing information and to enable future information to be efficiently integrated and utilised.

The initial North Pine Dam 3D engineering geological model was developed using historical records dating from the design and construction of the dam in the 1950’s and 1960’s. These records had been carefully stored, collated and digitised by the owner, so that they could be easily georeferenced and incorporated into the 3D engineering geological model.

The initial model was interrogated to identify data gaps and to plan targeted and cost-effective investigations that addressed critical geotechnical issues. The 3D engineering geological model was further refined using the newly acquired data, to develop a comprehensive “3D database” that can be used to visualise and interrogate all existing records as high- resolution georeferenced images and embedded data.

This provides an asset for the dam owner to maximise the use of existing information and reduce the cost of future safety reviews or design.

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