2018 – Using HEC-LifeSim to Better Understand and Reduce Dam Failure Consequences for Three Case Studies Around Australia

Hench Wang, Andrew Northfield, Peter Hill

HEC-LifeSim modelling has been emerging in the industry over the last few years and is increasingly becoming the preferred method for detailed consequence and failure impact assessments. The increased adoption rate of HEC-LifeSim modelling is a result of advancements to computation power and hydraulic modelling techniques and allows dam owners to obtain more robust and consistent estimates of the potential loss of life (PLL) compared to the traditional Graham (1999) and RCEM (USBR, 2014) approaches.

This paper will demonstrate, through the use of three examples, how the inputs and outputs from HEC- LifeSim have been used to identify potential ways to better understand the consequences as a result of dambreak.

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