2017 – Operation and Implementation of a Web-based Dam Monitoring Platform

Stefan Hoppe, Vicent J. Espert-Canet

Monitoring data has to be transformed into useful knowledge to provide owners and operators with valuable information about the safety status of their dams. This information should be up-to-date and easily accessible for all technicians and engineers involved inthe safety program,and directly linked to operation and emergency preparedness procedures.This article describes the main functions of a web-based software for the acquisition, processing,and evaluation of monitoring data. It runs on conventional internet browsers,and does not require the installation of any additional software. It provides appropriate tools for monitoring the safety status of dams and analysing dam behaviour.This article uses a case study to outline the experience gained from implementing and operating the software for 8 years to control more than 50 Spanish public dams owned by a river basin authority. The implementation involved completely revisingthe installed monitoring systems and recompiling all available information. This was used as a basis for an updated,goal-oriented definition of necessary variables, configuration of charts, SCADA views and threshold values. A key aspect of the software ́s successful implementation was the theoretical and practical training of all stakeholders.As a result of the software ́s implementation, the dam owner was able to use the data from their monitoring system more efficiently. The development of safety reviews and dam safety status evaluations were also considerably improved.

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