2016 – Extending the Useful Life of Dams in Diverse and Innovative Ways: Three South African case studies

Peter Blersch

Extending the useful life of a dam to an extent well beyond what was envisaged by the original designer poses diverse challenges. In this paper, three case studies are described, one involving strengthening of two similar dams and two cases involving raising. In all three cases, the dams continue to provide a reliable source of supply in a water scarce country.

The Woodhead and Hely-Hutchinson Dams have substantial historical significance which guided the selection of restressable post-tensioned anchors as the preferred method of strengthening.

The Stettynskloof Dam was almost doubled in height by constructing a clay core rockfill embankment abutting the downstream face of the existing concrete gravity dam. The new structure was well instrumented to cover areas of concern but the dam was found to perform as largely predicted by the designers.

Keerom Dam faced both technical and regulatory challenges that were eventually overcome and the raising of the dam was able to proceed. A further raising will increase the utilisation of this valuable resource still further.

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