2016 – Constructions of a High Capacity Post Tensioned Permanent Carbon Fibre Ground Anchor

Dr Matthew Sentry, Nabeel Elias

Although permanent ground anchor technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past two decades, the focus of anchor technology has been on developing techniques to minimise the risk of component and system failure due to corrosion. The advancements in structural materials available in the market in recent years have enabled research into alternative materials for permanent ground anchor systems.

Carbon fibre has become a significant structural alternative throughout North America for bridge and building construction as well as repair and structural strengthening of deteriorated/corroded structures. These advancements and the necessity to investigate alternative materials for anchor systems have led to research in understanding the long term performance effects of using carbon fibre products as an alternative to steel tendons in permanent ground anchors.
Following on from the advanced research works at Monash University and Geotechnical Engineering which investigated the durability performance of various available CFRP strands when used as an alternative to conventional steel tendons in permanent ground anchor systems, Geotech developed the first post tensioned ground anchor system using CFRP strand.

Following laboratory based trials and small scale bun barrel tests, Geotech was able to successfully design, construct, install and stress the first 27 strand post tensioned CFRP ground anchor installed into Yass Dam. The CFRP strand was stressed and locked off at 4,000kN. Real time monitoring has been installed to monitor the load throughout the anchors service life.

This paper provides the details of the construction, installation and stressing of the first CFRP anchor installed into a dam structure.

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