2016 – An Earthquake Alarm and Situation Awareness Tool Developed For Areas of Low to Moderate Seismic Hazard: Recent Developments and Past Results

Wayne Peck

The SRC operated seismic network is one of the largest privately owned and operated seismic networks in the world. Importantly it bridges the situation awareness gap between the information often provided by national seismic networks, of earthquake magnitude and location, and the emergency response managers questions of “What effects will this event have on my assets?” together with “What should we now be doing to mitigate the event?”

Software development of the Quick Quake app and improved automation of PDF report generation means that detailed, bespoke client specific earthquake response reports that incorporate asset earthquake resistance and failure consequence aspects can be produced by duty seismologists within reduced timeframes.

Preliminary earthquake locations computed by the SRC operated network for the two ML 4.7 Korumburra events in March 2009 and the ML 5.6 Moe earthquake of June 2012 were significantly closer to the final computed locations than those published by any other authority. The network additionally provides bonus outcomes of highly accurate detailed seismic activity maps that reduce uncertainties for Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessments (PSHAs) and attenuation data that will be used to develop regional specific ground motion models.

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