2012 – Mundaring Weir – Bringing a 19th Century Asset into the 21st Century

Louise Thomas, Graeme Mann, Alex Gower

Mundaring Weir is a 41m high concrete gravity dam that was built in c.1900 to supply water to the Western Australian goldfields towns of Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie. The dam was raised by 9.75 metres in c.1950 and impounds a reservoir of 63.5 GL. The c.1900 cast iron outlet works and c.1950 mild steel outlet works are still in operation without any significant modification or refurbishment since installation.
Mundaring Weir remains the principal storage for the Goldfields and Agricultural Water Supply (G&AWS). To meet the increasing demand and improve water quality in the G&AWS, the West Australian Water Corporation is upgrading the outlet works, constructing a new pump station and a water treatment plant.
The paper discusses: condition assessments undertaken; basis for refurbishment and the selection and design, including hydraulic modelling, of a staged upgrade of aged outlet structures; and ensuring these works can be undertaken without impacting on supply during the course of the works.
Keywords: Outlet Works, Asset Condition Assessment, Mundaring Weir

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