2010 – Lungfish Management Program

Robert Drury

After a period of drought for many years, inflows during May and June 2009 resulted in releases from North Pine Dam. These releases resulted in deaths of fish downstream of the dam wall including lungfish. The Australian Lungfish is a protected species under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Australian Government). The events of 2009 have shown, however, that a proactive response supported by sound knowledge is required to minimise lungfish losses from flood events and other dam operations activities. A framework has been developed for the management of lungfish populations in Seqwater storages. The framework centres on a Seqwater Fish Management Policy, and four broad strategies that are considered necessary for addressing fish management in Seqwater storages: Fish Management, Storage Operations, Communication, and Research. These strategies are being used as a basis for identifying, planning and managing a range of actions designed to ensure that impacts to lungfish are minimised. Seqwater intends to develop the framework further to include long term management initiatives such as implementing viable technologies for preventing lungfish strandings, habitat protection and restoration activities that support viable lungfish populations, as well as establishing priorities for managing risks to other aquatic vertebrates in Seqwater storages, including other protected species, recreationally and commercially important species; e.g. turtles , carp, mullet, etc.

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