2010 – Lessons Learned at the Taum Sauk Rebuild

Paul C. Rizzo, Ph.D., P.E.; Carl Rizzo; John Bowen

The Authors served in key roles for the design and rebuild of the Dam for the Taum Sauk Rebuild Project between 2007 and 2009. Taum Sauk is the largest RCC Dam in the United States and has a symmetrical cross-section with conventional concrete faces upstream and downstream. The curvilinear shape and the cross-section presented a number of placement issues. In addition, a large number of “Lessons” were learned because of the rapid construction schedule, highly variable temperatures, highly confined working space, numerous details related to waterstops, construction joints and crest-to-gallery drains, foundation preparation, lift maturity, bedding mixes, crack repairs and the conventional concrete upstream face. The authors discuss these issues from the perspective of the Designer, Contractor and Construction Manager.

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