2010 – Innovations in resolving construction challenges on the Catagunya Dam Restoration Project

Cubit T, Swindon A, Tanner D

Catagunya Dam is located on the Derwent River in Tasmania’s south east. During construction of the dam in early 1960’s 412 post-tensioned anchors were installed, however the integrity of the original anchors can no longer be assured. The stability of the dam was restored between 2008 and 2010 using 92 modern, large diameter, load monitorable and corrosion protected post-tensioned anchors. These are the most highly stressed anchors applied to a dam at this time.
Some of the key construction challenges included installing 53 anchors within an operating spillway, utilising a very limited construction window and replacing severed surface reinforcement using carbon fibre rods.
This paper details how these challenges were resolved and presents a number of innovative solutions developed along the way.

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