2010 – Ibis Creek Dam Investigation and Design for Remedial Works

David Ryan, Peter Richardson, William Steen

Ibis Creek Dam, a referable dam and classified as a mass concrete gravity structure, was constructed in 1906 to supply water for both tin ore processing and the local township of Irvinebank. Irvinebank is a small township near Atherton in North Queensland and is situated about 3 km downstream of the dam. The mill ceased operation in 1990 but the township of Irvinebank remains reliant on the dam for water supply.
In 1996 the dam was raised about 1 m and strengthened by the addition of mass concrete on the crest and downstream face.
One recommendation of the Safety Review conducted in 2009 was that an investigation be made of the strength of the lift joints and the shear capacity of the connection between the Stage I and Stage II concrete sections. The investigations revealed that the structure was not constructed as had been originally assumed and the overall stability of the structure had been overestimated.
This paper details the investigations and remedial works proposed to strengthen the structure so that it complies with current design standards.

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