2009 – Improvements to DAMRAE: A Tool for Dam Safety Risk Analysis Modelling

Anurag Srivastava, David S. Bowles, Sanjay S. Chauhan

DAMRAE is a software tool for performing the event tree risk model computations for dam safety risk analysis. It is being applied by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and undergoing continued development and testing at Utah State University. DAMRAE is designed to overcome the limitations of existing business risk analysis software. It includes a generalized algorithm for constructing and calculating event trees. A generic project framework provides functionality for considering risk reduction alternatives or a staged implementation of risk reduction measures including obtaining estimates of their cost effectiveness of risk reduction. Evaluations against USACE tolerable risk guidelines are made. A flexible capability exists for obtaining tabular and graphical presentations of estimated risks at different levels of detail.

This paper provides an overview of the structure and capabilities of DAMRAE. It also includes an example screenshots to illustrate its capabilities. Plans for future improvements are summarized.

Keywords: Dam Safety Risk Assessment, Event Tree Analysis, Risk Reduction Measures.

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