2009 – Effects of Geotechnical Parameters on Discharge Coeffivient of Inbuilt Spillways

A. Tahershamsi , H. Bayat , J. Mahboubi , M. Geranmehr

Rockfill dams with inbuilt spillways are capable of passing surplus discharge by through-flow and overtopping and exhibits many advantages including reduced diversion costs, smaller terminal structures, etc. Further clarification of discharge coefficient (Cd) for this type of spillways is required for engineering purposes due to the complicated nature of turbulent flow through coarse porous media and boundary conditions. An experimental program was conducted to determine effects of uniformity coefficient (Cu), curvature coefficient (Cc), void ratio(e) and a dimensionless grain diameter defined by (d50⁄d100) on the discharge coefficient (Cd) . Observations indicated a significant reduction of discharge coefficient by increasing Cu and decreasing e and d50⁄d100. However, probable effects of (Cc) on (Cd), were not significant in these investigations.

Keywords: Internal spillway, discharge coefficient, uniformity coefficient, curvature coefficient

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