2008 – Construction of the first cut-off wall by Low Headroom Cutter inside a dam tunnel in China

Brunner Wolfgang G, Bi Arthur, Chang William, Zong Dung Feng

ABSTRACT: In the South of the Sichuan province the 240 MW Yeleh hydroelectric power project is under construction by Sichuan Nanya River Basin Hydraulic Power Development Company Limited, a state-owned enterprise, and China Gezhou Ba Water & Power Group Company Ltd.. This project sets out to develop the mountain cascade of the Nanya river, a tributary of the Dadu River, provide superior electricity and adjust flood peak and frequency. The specialist contractor Foundation Engineering Company of China Water Resource and Hydropower (FEC) was awarded the contract of foundation treatment at the right bank, which included the construction of a 75 m deep concrete cut-off wall inside a 6.0 m x 6.5 m tunnel. The requirement for 19 317 m3 cut-off wall to be constructed in permeable and very dense gravel/cobble formations and a demanding project program led FEC to adopt the BAUER Low Headroom Cutter CBC25/MBC30 in conjunction with the overlap cutter joint.

Keywords: hydroelectric project, dam, dam tunnel, cut-off wall, trench cutter

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