2006 – Development and Application of a Risk Analysis and Prioritisation Tool (RAPT) for Dam Safety Management

Peter Hill, Rory Nathan, Phillip Jordan, Mark Pearse

This paper outlines the development and application of the Risk Analysis Prioritisation Tool (RAPT) which has been developed as an interactive tool to aid dam safety risk management. RAPT allows the risk profile and prioritisation of upgrades to be incrementally updated as inputs are refined. The paper outlines some of the requirements of a risk management tool and the resulting functionality of RAPT and the lessons learnt from its application to more than 75 dams.

Issues covered include:

  • importance of understanding and tracking the reliability of the inputs;
  • requirements for incorporating staged upgrades and non-structural risk reduction measures;
  • impact of different approaches to prioritising risk reduction measures; and
  • approaches for summarising and conveying risk results
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